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ITQAN is a high quality Islamic school which focuses on holistic development of dynamic young Muslims, to become a confident and responsible generation.


To develop progressive and dynamic individuals towards building an excellent generation based on submission to Allah SWT.


  • To provide a faith-based educational program where Islamic content is integrated into all subjects taught
  • To provide an Islamic environment where all activities are conducted with an adab that reinforces Islam as a way of life
  • To provide a broad spectrum of avenues and opportunities for maximum potential growth to help individuals achieve excellence through a sense of responsibility and love
  • To develop the human potential and impart the necessary knowledge in order to build an excellent Ummah
  • To work together with parents as partners in strategic aeas of the child’s development


    Why Us?

    Established since 2007
    One of the few Islamic schools in the city on LANDED property!
    Itqan’s Curriculum

    Primary school (Grades 1-6)

    Curriculum for students from Grades 1 to 6 for main subjects, consist of:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science

    Other subjects taught are:

    • Bahasa Malaysia
    • Arabic
    • Quran (Tahfiz & Tilawah)
    • Islamic Studies
    • Art & Design
    • Physical Education

    itqan’s checkpoints

    Checkpoint (Grade 6)

    Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam consists of the following subjects:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science





    Club Activity:

    • Swimming
    • Karate
    • Aikido
    • Archery
    • Drama Club
    • Football Club

    Other clubs include:

    • Editorial Club
    • Musolla Minders
    • Playtime Patrol
    • Creative Club
    • ICT Club



    Parent Testimonial

    “As parents, my husband and I feel that ITQAN is a hidden gem for Islamic education in the Klang Valley. Alhamdulillah we are very grateful with our son, Ibrahim Muhammad Imran’s overall development, adab & akhlaq, Quranic and academic milestones. The school’s curriculum and approach ensure that the students become conscientious Muslims wherever they go, in this challenging era. We pray that ITQAN will rise to greater heights for the sake of the Ummah.”

                                                                       Pn Nor Farahiyah Bt Mohamad Kamal @Hod (mother of Ibrahim, Grade 6)

    Parent Testimonial

    “For many years, when I thought of education and schools for my children, I always had an “ideal school” in my head but didn’t think I would find it anywhere! Alhamdulillah with ITQAN, I think I have found the best place for my children. The school is a protected environment, where they learn Islam naturally and are able to put it into practice. I can see within ten months how much it has changed my kids for the better. May Allah bless the school and give it success. Ameen.”

                                                                   Ms Alia Diaz (mother of Laila Castiñeira, Grade 2 & Malik Castiñeira, Grade 5)

    Parent Testimonial

    “Being an educator gives me keen insight on the goals, needs and outcomes of an excellent education. We have trusted ITQAN for nurturing our 3 kids in a conducive, safe and Islamic environment for 9 years now. Our eldest just graduated from Grade 6 with highly satisfactory results in the recent Primary Checkpoint examination, alhamdulillah. We can’t be more pleased with the holistic results that ITQAN has produced academically as well as spiritually”

                                                                   Nurashikin Abas (mother of Tg Zhafran, G2)

    Student Testimonial

    “ITQAN inspires me to be a better Muslimah. My school has very caring, friendly and supportive teachers, staff and students, they support me to excel and be a good person!”

                                                                                                                            Puteri Nur Khyra (Grade 4)

    Student Testimonial

    “I love ITQAN. I have so many friends here. The lessons are really good and the teachers very kind. I enjoy myself very much whenever I’m at the school, playing with my friends and doing sports.”

                                                                                                                                              Rim Ramzi (Grade 3)

    Student Testimonial

    “I love schooling at ITQAN because it teaches me Islamic values for my life and prepares me for the hereafter. It gives me much knowledge in really interesting ways too!”

                                                                                                                                Tg. Zhafran Imtiyaaz (Grade 3)


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    Primary Admission Form

    Pre-School Fee structure

    Primary Fee structure

    Contact Us

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    Itqan Integrated School – Pre-School

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