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History of Itqan

ITQAN Integrated School began as Itqan Integrated Islamic School in 2007. It’s conception was born out of the challenges faced by Muslim mothers in raising our children Islamically, in a world that is becoming increasingly un-Islamic. It is meant to provide a safe and conducive environment to promote an Islamic way of life (ad-deen) outside of the home.

The journey began with this mission, a vision and common intention of being of service to Allah swt. Two mothers decided to embark on this noble effort. Introduced to a third, and later joined by a fourth, they strived to bring to reality this dream for their children as well as to provide the same opportunity for children of other like-minded parents. They were successful in doing so with the guidance and strong support of their wonderful husbands.

The backgrounds of these ladies are as diverse as you can imagine! One was an electrical engineer, another a businesswoman, the third and only one from an education background was briefly a teacher and later worked in management consultancy. Last but not least, the fourth was from the logistics industry.

In November 2006, the decision to set up Itqan Integrated Islamic School was made. With Allah’s guidance and through His strength, and enthusiastic team of pioneers (may Allah bless them all) put in a lot of hard work to build its foundation. Through sheer dedication and determination, within two months, that is by January 2007, Itqan Integrated Islamic School began its’ operations.

Itqan started with a preschool, primary school (Levels 1-5), and secondary school (Levels 1&2) at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail Community Center as the school’s building renovation was still incomplete. It had its orientation program there for 2 weeks before moving to the Damansara Jaya property. In March of 2007, the preschool premises was ready in Kota Damansara and so the preschool moved there. Alhamdulillah, the number of students overall increased from 20+ to 80+ within the first year.

In March 2008, a very difficult but important decision to close the secondary school had to be made. This was due to the many constraints faced, including logistics as well as financial problems. Since then, the school has focused on preschool and primary education. It is our purposeful intention to keep the school small, so as to concentrate our efforts in providing quality education, facilities and environment as best we can, inshaAllah.

By the year 2013, the number of students at both the preschool as well as the primary school had grown close to 200. To accommodate our growing numbers in the primary school, we relocated to a one acre piece of land in Sungai Penchala in November 2013 to have a more spacious premise with more sports facilities for the students. The bigger grounds also give students the opportunity to do some gardening projects for their Science classes as well.

Another milestone for the school happened in January 2014, when the school started to incorporate the Cambridge syllabus into its curriculum. We also opened our secondary school again, beginning with Grade 7 (Secondary 1) in January 2014. Consecutive classes will be opened as the pioneer secondary students’ progress from year to year.

Itqan was NOT set up as a money-making business. It remains a non-profit organization for all intents and purposes in line with our overarching principle to be of service to Allah swt. InshaAllah, in the future, with more students joining us, it is our hope that the school will grow further and be able to move to a permanent location that is purpose-built to accommodate all the requirements of a full fledge primary and secondary school.

We hope that with this insight, you will understand better what Itqan stands for and will continue to support this noble cause that four mothers had set out to do not so long ago. Wassalaam.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]